This has nothing to do with any guy.  It is in fact a rant.  Like those annoying ones you find on facebook that I myself complain about.  Except this is not facebook, this is my blog and you all had to make the extra effort to click on it and get here.  It’s also my birthday tomorrow, so I will grant myself a pass.

I’ll address this in my blog instead of facebook so as to not ruffle as many feathers.

One of the latest trends blowing up all over social media is the gym.  Now, fitness and exercise has been a hobby of people forever.  But now it seems I have to read and see the intricate details on a daily basis.  We’ve gone far beyond the mere gym ‘check in.’  And here’s where I have a problem.  When I have to read how many minutes of cardio you did or what muscle day it is for you today I think, WHY?

Maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe I don’t know the appropriate usage of social media.  I tend to think of myself as a somewhat private person.  Yes, that’s why I went and created an entire blog dedicated to airing out my dirty laundry.  That’s how private I am.  But at least there’s the added step of having to click on my link before you read this nonsense. Unless I’m doing something awesome like traveling to Greece, I assume nobody gives a shit what I’m doing and I would not share the mundane details of my life.

But why?  Why in God’s name does facebook need to know that it’s #legday for you at LA fitness?  Or my newsfeed being bombarded with peoples’ ‘meal prep’ for a week and I have to be subjected to a pointless picture of 15 tupperware containers filled with perfectly portioned unappetizing food accompanied by the tagline #eatclean #traindirty.  Yea.  #torture.  I take your #boiled chicken and #steamed asparagus and I raise you a ricotta filled brioche, pasta with tomatoes and garlic and a pistachio gelato, because that’s what I ate today.  #cigarettefordessert.

What does flaunting this on social media do for you exactly?  Is it a way to make yourself believe you’re doing it?  Are you not motivated enough to keep doing it unless you post on facebook everyday what you’re doing?  Are you trying to impress somebody? To brag?  Are you just plain proud of yourself?  Is it supposed to keep the rest of us on our toes and feeling like we’re not doing something we should be doing?

That being said, I love a good success story.  I applaud anyone who posts weight loss pictures or even those people who do those fitness competitions where they’ve obviously disciplined themselves for months to get a body like that.  Really, it’s amazing.  But as you fitness gurus practice, everything in moderation.  It’s the OVERKILL that gets me. 

But I guess as the age old adage goes:  to each his own.

My life is, let‘s say, about other joys.  Your #cheatmeal is my #Mondaydinner.  Kidding.  All in moderation.  I’m perfectly happy with myself.  Ok, I poke and prod at things I don’t like when I’m standing in the mirror in my underwear.  And when I want to do something about it, I do.  And nobody but my friends I talk to face to face know about it.  As you know, I live in Italy and the food, it goes without saying, is amazing.  At this incredible moment in my life, I am dedicated 100% to eating anything and everything I can in this country.

A few months ago, I was eating a pizza sitting in my bed .  I kind of looked down and saw my ‘panza,‘ what we’d refer to as my ‘gut’ hanging over my pants.  Then I looked at myself in the wall to wall mirrors next to my bed and took in the whole scene: gut, greasy pizza in bed.  But instead of feeling disgust, I just shrugged my shoulders and said

‘Meh, fuck it.  I have fun.’