I must pay tribute to the one and only, my old faithful, my usual haunt, Frank. I’ve been coming here since the first year I moved to Milan. The first time I ever went, I believe it was their 7th anniversary party or something to that effect, but it was in June, which, in Milan, meant it was a lovely sweat fest. Bottles of vodka were being passed around along with those mini Haagen Dazs ice creams (I have no idea why, but they were chocolate flavored and melting in the brutal heat). A bunch of sweaty shenanigans, and the party has not stopped since.

I’ve found myself sitting outside there year round, even in the rain under the canopy and hugging an outdoor heater: many good times have been had, endless laughs, many a cigarette has been smoked, many a birthday celebrated, even a few tears shed.

It’s a good place and of course in my neighborhood, so you may (probably) run into me. Enjoy and drink a sbagliato.

Frank Milano