This place is a bit grunge a bit hipster and over all just a super easy place to hang. Frida is located in the Isola area of Milan, a bit out of site, you may just walk right by it the first time. If you start entering a parking lot in what looks to be a warehouse, keep straight on, you’re going the right way.

Located in what is typically known as the artsy zone of Milan, Frida attests to the creative vibe with its yellow walls and brightly colored table tops, in what almost seems to be an elementary school lunchroom: no bells and whistles, just an easy laid back vibe. And what’s more, if you’re a budding artist, writer or just simply creative mind, present your work to the guys at Frida, and if they like it, a spot on the wall is yours for the next few months. Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve only ever been for a cocktail, but I was surprised to know that they serve lunch and brunch. Whether you’re in the mood for an aperitivo or a late night drink, Frida is open from Monday to Saturday 16-2AM and Sunday 16-1AM

Oh, and don’t forget the spacious outdoor patio for those scorching summer nights in Milan.


Via Pollaiulo 3

+39 02 680260

Closest Metro: Zara (Yellow) or Porta Garibaldi (Green)

Tram: 33

cocktails in Milan

cocktails in Milan