Located down a little side street in Porta Romana, il Cavallante has become quite the bustling place to get a glass of wine after work. A small, dark and intimate little bar for wine lovers, il Cavallante offers a great selection of wine in addition to an assortment of meat and cheese dishes to nibble on.

A very warm and welcoming atmosphere, make sure to book a table if you want to be guaranteed a place to sit and most nights it’s a packed house. If you forget, you may luck out snagging a couple bar stools and a spot at the bar that lines the perimeter of the place.

Choose from an extensive list of red or white wines, both by the bottle and by the glass: a glass of wine can cost you as little her as 3 euros, now isn’t that a score?

Enoteca Cavallante

Via L.A. Muratori, 3

+39 02 5410 7325

Closest metro stop: Porta Romana (Yellow)

Tram: 9

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