Lunch, brunch, happy hour, late night, Refeel is located in the Porta Romana area of Milan.

This is a very relaxed place with a small indoor area and an outdoor area that is covered and closed in during the winter months, for those who want to sip a cocktail outside while smoking a cigarette and not freezing to death.

The lunch is good and has a mix of Italian dishes and your rather “trendy American dishes” like a club sandwich, with decent prices. The aperitivo is not overly abundant but has plenty to satisfy your appetite or prepare you for an evening of drinks with a mix of finger foods, veggies, and sometimes a pasta or two.

On the weekends they also clear the tables out late night and have music…not exactly a club, but somewhere in between a club and a lounge. Though its location so close to Bocconi University may promise more of a late night University crowd than most other places.

Refeel Milano