There’s a host of rooftop bars in Milan and Terrazza 12 is definitely one of the top, not just for it’s super chic setting, but for it’s unbeatable view. Located in San Babila and about five minutes walk from the Duomo, you can catch a glimpse of the Duomo, especially the blindingly gold “Madonnina.”

The inside is very cozy, almost feels like someone’s living room, complete with bookcases for design accents. Compared to a place like Globe that is along the same idea, it’s much more tranquil, has less of a late night vibe and is way more expensive. But, you pay for the location, right?

Along the perimeter, there is an outdoor area with tables, in addition to stairs to sit and sip a cocktail. Of course a rooftop bar is unbeatable in the summertime, and in the warmer months, Terrazza 12 opens it’s windows. But you can enjoy even in the winter months: the doors and windows close but the outside and view is still accessible.

Aperitivo runs until 9:30 and will run you about €25. I wouldn’t recommend going on an empty stomach, however. These fancy places never have much in the way of an abundant aperitivo spread, so you’ll find yourself here eating finger foods of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

So get on your heels and get there!

Terrazza 12 Milano

Terrazza 12 Milano