If you’re in Milan and find yourself asking, where are the late night drinks at, this roadside hangout is where it’s at. And no, we’re not talking about the staple “street meat truck” you’ll find so conveniently parked outside of every club in Milan. This is a little outdoor bar that keeps slinging drinks till about 4:30-5 AM, an easy place to go for a night cap, even in the winter months.

Tropical Island is like any little chiringuito you’ll find on the beach in Spain, but instead, you’ll find this one at the Bastioni of Porta Venzia, parallel to the park entrance, right on the street. Go here to enjoy the usual happy hour, our cap off the night here before heading home and hitting the hay. There’s tables setup in a little patio outside, but you’ll find most people casually hanging around on the curb with a cocktail. And in the colder months, they’ll even pass around some blankets to keep warm while you sip.

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